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    Eco Friendly Building Tips & Advice...
    Everyone has heard about eco-friendly building, but what really lies behind all the talk of carbon-neutral homes, alternative energy sources and those unfamiliar construction techniques? SustainableBuild provides the answers in an informative, interesting and thoroughly readable way.
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    Ask Our Experts
    Ask Our Experts: Composting Toilet: Clean Enough for Environment Agency?, Buying VOC...
    Carbon Neutral Homes
    Carbon Neutral Homes: Calculating Your Home's Carbon Output, Carbon...
    Case Studies
    Case Studies: Self Sufficient Housing Developments: A Case Study, A University...
    Construction Methods
    Construction Methods: Eco Friendly Construction Methods and Materials,...
    Energy Sources
    Energy Sources: Solar Energy Systems, What is 'Bio-Energy'?, Alternative Types Of...
    Financing Your Build
    Financing Your Build: Financing Your Sustainable Development Project,...
    Green Buildings
    Green Buildings: Green Property Audit, What is a Green Building?, Green Speci...
    Sustainable Design
    Sustainable Design: Careers and Courses for Eco Build, Sustainable Sewage Design, Heating...
    Sustainable Locations
    Sustainable Locations: Sustainable Building Around the World, Location:...
    Types of Construction
    Types of Construction: Mongolian Gers & Yurts: Nomads Tents,...
    Underground Construction
    Underground Construction: At a Green Architecture and Design Conference,...
    VIDEOS: VIDEO - Tools Used for Lime Pointing, VIDEO - Lime Pointing, VIDEO -...
    Latest Comments
    • Colm Breathnach
      Re: Straw Bale Construction
      Hi there, does anyone know of construction grade straw bales for sale, and can they be delivered to us in County Kerry, Ireland?
      16 November 2018
    • Lyn
      Re: Pollution From Construction
      Hi. Good day to the editor of Sustainable Build. Hope you're doing fine. I'm Romalyn. I'm a writer and I’m learning a lot from…
      15 November 2018
    • Chanti
      Re: Financing Your Sustainable Development Project
      Hi I am very keen on building an eco earth home with self sustaining energy and food supply I would like…
      13 November 2018
    • Sarah
      Re: Straw Bale Construction
      Hello, i am planning a simple rectangular strawbale home (2 bed, one bathroom, 2 storey, with one downstairs living/cooking spacd) in…
      9 November 2018
    • DrG
      Re: Grants and Loans for Green Development
      Hi. My wife & I are self building a highly airtight, insulated eco home with GSHP, MVHR, PV solar etc. Can anyone…
      7 November 2018
    • Alessandro Aroni
      Re: Pollution From Construction
      Very useful information, but i would love to know the sources of the pollution rates information, shown at the begining. And what…
      6 November 2018
    • Hudsondorset
      Re: Straw Bale Construction
      I’m a builder with a degree in environmental science & policy, and am highly experienced in sustainable living and building. Our team…
      4 November 2018
    • South Brent CLT
      Re: Straw Bale Construction
      We are building affordable homes, not StrawBale, woodfober SIP. However we want to build a community workshop/site office 10 x 6m prefer…
      4 November 2018
    • Parf
      Re: Energy Efficient Appliances
      Hi, please can you keep me up to date with anything relating to building and maintaining sustainable homes?
      4 November 2018
    • Charms
      Re: Grants and Loans for Green Development
      I live in the Turks and caicos islands and I have taken a price of discarded destroy land and created a eco friendly…
      1 November 2018
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    Making Your Home Carbon Neutral
    Making Your Home Carbon Neutral
    Buying VOC paints
    Buying VOC paints
    Calculating Your Home's Carbon Output
    Calculating Your Home's Carbon Output
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